My worst first date story published in Las Vegas Weekly

I'm officially a published writer!  My worst first date story made it in the Las Vegas Weekly and I even got a custom illustration for it.  You can read the article here:

I remember when this guy spotted me out in a club like a magical moment from a romance movie. He was so gorgeous, way out of my league. It all happened in slow motion as our eyes locked onto each other while he walked toward me. In my peripheral vision, I could see all the girls in his vicinity were turning their heads to look at him as he passed by them to get to me. He asked me out, and I couldn’t have felt more special.

On our first date, we went out to dinner, talked and flirted. It quickly became my best first date ever. He drove me home, and just as I was getting out of his car, a figure moved toward me out of the dark street. Suddenly I was being held up at gunpoint by a masked villain just as I was saying goodbye to my dreamy date. I heard the robber say, “Give it to me,” referring to my purse. I was in such shock, I actually said “no” and ran around my date’s car as if to protect myself from the bullets he might shoot at me. The robber clumsily followed me around the car (in hindsight, he seemed very inexperienced), hoping to get my purse. Finally, I dropped it at the back of the car and ran for dear life to hide behind a bush. When the robber reached the back of the car and bent to pick up my purse, my date suddenly put his car in reverse and hit the robber just hard enough to scare him into running off. As if I didn’t think my date was hot enough, he was now officially my hero.

So why did I classify this as my “worst first date”? Well, as I later found out, my date had staged the whole thing. Apparently, he was really into movies. He did tell me he was an actor; I just didn’t realize how dedicated he was to his craft.